The Sales Letter?

Lucid is web-based software.
Expensive software.
Powerful. Like Chuck Norris.

Lucid builds websites.
Large, beautiful, unique websites.
Lots of large, beautiful, unique websites.
Think 10,000 pages each.
Yes, with unique, manual review passable content.
Yes, you read that correctly.
No, I am not high.

Instant longtail rankings.
Instant traffic.
No link building.
No interlinking.
No PBN's.
No dark colored hat stuff.

Every site is absolutely unique.
Lucid sites auto-optimize.
Pages that get traffic, clicks, optins, stay.
Pages that do not get replaced until they do.

Cloud hosting in a forest of unique IP's / Datacenters.
Chinese firewall between Lucid and your money site.
Domains are expired or auction, with backlinks.
We'll show you how to find them.
We'll show you how to evaluate them.
Because spam is bad, M'Kay.

Internet people freak about stuff.
Like Google's RankBrain.
Latent Semantic Indexing.
Topic Cluster Distribution.
Topic Duplication.
Pillar content.
Don't freak.
Lucid's got your back.
Lucid tells you what works.
Lucid tells you what doesn't.
And automatically fixes it.
It's a big happy chill pill.

Lucid screenshot

A story for fireside reading.
Dick sells widgets. He's a widget guy. Dick knows widgets, and knows optins to his email list result in sales. Sales are good to have. Dick's a smart guy. Dick sets up 20 Lucid sites, 5,000 pages each. Now Dick has 100,000 pages on the interwebs, each with an optin. Dick's a long tail widget keyterm dominator. Competitors are baffled. Dick's wife is pleased and the dogs enjoy premium treats. Dick tells Jane about Lucid. Jane is an affiliate marketer. Jane creates Lucid sites with affiliate links on each page. Jane generates sales. Jane is pleased. Dick and Jane celebrate with a vacation in Mexico and sip cocktails with little umbrellas. Dick's wife finds out. Dick gets divorced, but he has the money to hire a good lawyer. So it all works out in the end. Moral of the story is Lucid is powerful. Use only for good, not evil. The End.

Lucid is Good.

Here's the catch.
You knew it was coming.
To begin using Lucid, you have to set it up.
The setup is a massive pain in the petutiy.
You'll do it.
Your competitors won't.
Because they are lazy.
And you are a visionary.

Lucid is the Stealth Bomber of Internet Marketing.

What is the massive pain in the behind?
Creating the Genesis content.
From it, all good things flow.
You'll need 20-40 subtopics about your industry.
200-350 words each subtopic.
Very complex formatting for Lucid.
Each subtopic will take 2-3 hours to complete.
You can do it yourself.
We'll show you how.
Or we have writers.
They ain't cheap.
But they are good.
$75 per subtopic if we do it.
Once done, you are ready to rock.
You are ready to roll.
Subscribe to Lucid. $997 per month.
Create 8 or more websites per month.
That is $125 per website.
Per big, beautiful website.

Get Your Lucid Stealth Bomber Now

My name is Kyle Widner. You can email me by clicking here.

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