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Tweets: week of 2012-09-21

20% of women on 'Net use Pinterest. 66% of online adults use FB. 20% use LinkedIn. 16% use Twitter. per @PewInternet #

Tweets: week of 2012-08-24

When Does Mom's Blog Become An Ad? #

Tweets: week of 2012-08-17

Recommendations on blogs lead moms to purchase books (63%), food (56%) and baby products (48%) #

Tweets: week of 2012-08-10

"..part of our jobs as brand builders is to create content that people want to share," P&G's Pritchard said. #5,000 women (and some men) attended #BlogHer12 & were courted…

Tweets: week of 2012-08-03

Women are 1.5X more likely to “like” a product and 2.2X more likely to add to cart #